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“There was a time when we used to say (if we work, we will get films).” His fellow actors, he continued, were “so good at their jobs that you feel incompetent, you feel you’ve lucked out, and you need to appreciate every shot you give.” He then referred to his own reputation for impatience, slipping into a semi-philosophical tone that has led some co-workers to jokingly address him as “Swami Salman.” “Sometimes you get angry or irritable,” he said, “but if you keep controlling that and just think (this did not happen to me just now, it happened to me a year back), then automatically that anger and frustration go down.

It’s difficult but achievable.” My previous interviews with Salman had been straightforward half-hour question-and-answer sessions for television.

I watched, and then, since he remained seated, asked hesitantly, “Should I start?

” A faint smile appeared in Salman’s eyes, as he gestured to his face to indicate that he could not speak freely because of the cosmetics on it.

A group of five or six people orbited him—entering the tent, asking him a question, exiting, taking a phone call, returning.

He began choosing films with more care and took greater control of his image.

“Not god, not fans, nobody.” Every individual had their own destiny, he added, “and this is my journey.

I don’t know how long it will last, but however long it is, it was only meant to be that long.” But, he insisted, he would not grow complacent about his success.

But Salman is also by far the most controversial of the three superstars.

In the first two decades of his career, he had a reputation for being rude, aggressive and unprofessional.

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